Parents forget newborn baby in taxi on the way home from the hospital 6 months ago

Parents forget newborn baby in taxi on the way home from the hospital

It is every parent's worst nightmare.

A couple in Germany accidentally left their newborn baby in the back of the taxi they took home from the hospital.

According to The Independentthe couple from Hamburg, Germany, took their baby's sibling out of the car.

They paid the driver and said their goodbyes - and it was only when the car began to pull away that they realised the mistake.

Police said in a statement that the couple attempted to run after the taxi, however they weren't able to reach him.

The driver initially didn't notice the baby as the newborn was asleep. He parked his car in an underground garage as he took his lunch break.

It wasn't until the driver went to the airport to get a new fare that he found out about the extra passenger.

The police said:

"Since the baby initially made no sound and probably enjoyed the sleep, the taxi driver knew nothing of his silent passenger in the back seat and headed directly to a well-deserved lunch break, for which he parked the taxi in an underground car park.

"After some time, he returned hopefully well-fed, sat in his taxi and went in the hope of new passengers to the airport.

"However, the new passenger was a bit confused about the already present infant and made the taxi driver aware of this 'carpool'.

"Now was the time when the baby obviously woke up and began to scream."

The driver immediately rang the police, who arranged for an examination with paramedics.

The infant was reunited with its parents on the same day.