People are queuing 4 days in advance for these Dublin properties 3 years ago

People are queuing 4 days in advance for these Dublin properties

Hot property is an understatement.

Phase 2 of the Silverbanks apartments in Baldoyle are coming to Dublin this week, the apartments are being previewed on Thursday at 2pm.


Here's the kicker... the queue is already forming 4 days in advance!

A potential homeowner who's interested in buying got onto us to tell us how she discovered the queue, she wishes to remain anonymous;

"Savills got in touch on Sunday, and told me to come to a viewing on Thursday between 2 and 4pm, I was told to bring proof of funds and €5,000 for a deposit if I wanted to buy. This morning I received a text from a relative saying that chairs had already started to pop up at 9:30 this morning, I managed to rush over and place a chair in the queue but now i'm frantically trying to organise the next few days with work so that I don't lose my spot. It's madness".

We spoke to Gavin Ryan an associate with Savills in Dublin;

"We've only just become aware of this in the last few hours and we're extremely surprised that people are queuing this early for the properties, we of course advice people not to queue and to come at the appropriate time".

We asked Gavin why this panic queuing is happening if there is enough properties available;

"You don't have to be an expert in economics to know that there is a shortage of housing stock at the moment, 76 units will be available during this phase and we are telling people that there is no need to queue, sometimes they don't heed the advice".