People think The Simpsons predicted Kamala Harris becoming VP 11 months ago

People think The Simpsons predicted Kamala Harris becoming VP

Do we have to do this for everything?

People like to think The Simpsons predicted everything. From Super Bowl results to smart watches, from FIFA's corruption scandal to Donald trump's presidency. And fair enough, there is an episode in which Donald Trump becomes president, released 16 years before he was elected in real life.


Fans are now claiming the legendary cartoon also predicted Kamala Harris becoming vice president in that very same episode, but they are seriously clutching at straws this time.

In episode 17 of season 11, 'Bart to the Future', Bart is shown a vision of his future life, in which he appears to be, shall we say, less successful than his sister. A hippy-looking Bart wonders past the White House, where Lisa Simpson is declaring her pride at becoming the first straight, female president of the US.

In that scene, Lisa is shown saying "as you know we inherited quite the budget crunch from president Trump" - ooooh, spooky.

But the main factor that has people claiming another accurate prediction from the show creators is Lisa's outfit on the day.

Wearing a purple sweater and purple blazer with a pearl necklace, Lisa's outfit was strikingly similar to that which newly elected vice president Kamala Harris wore at Joe Biden's inauguration on Wednesday.



Somewhat of a coincidence, or not, you might think.

However, the claims all fall down in the detail.

Sure, Lisa is taking over from Trump, just like Biden and Harris are, but Harris is VP, not president.


Sorry to ruin everyone's fun.