Leo Varadkar has done the impossible... out-socked Justin Trudeau 4 years ago

Leo Varadkar has done the impossible... out-socked Justin Trudeau

The battle is only beginning...

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is meeting with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and President Michael D. Higgins today during his brief official trip to Ireland.


Trudeau is known for many things, but one of these is his unequivocal love for socks, and fancy socks at that.

He wears special socks for different occasions and the process has become so well known, that it's been coined "sock diplomacy" by The New York Times, and it's a new tactical approach in the diplomacy playbook.

He uses them to convey messages at events...

Earlier this year, he wore Star Wars socks (one C-3P0, one R2-D2) on Star Wars Day, pink and blue socks with the Nato symbol for the Nato summit in May and has often wore a pair of maple leaf socks.

He's trying to bring peace and prosperity to the world, one pair of funky socks at the time. But at this moment, it's unclear if sock diplomacy is having the desired impact.


But, it's not stopping other heads of state from giving it a try, namely Taoiseach Leo Varadkar during his meeting with Trudeau on Tuesday.

His sock game was strong as he wore a pair maple leaf socks, while Trudeau seemed to leave his sock diplomacy at home...