Police issue public warning following four 'random' stabbings in London 2 years ago

Police issue public warning following four 'random' stabbings in London

"Stay vigilant."

Police in the UK have issued a warning following four "random" stabbing incidents in Edmonton, North London.


Four people were attacked at separate times in the area between yesterday evening and this morning.

Each of the victims was stabbed in the back. Police believe they were targeted by a single suspect "at random due to them being alone and vulnerable."

Detectives have urged the public to "stay vigilant."

"Police are treating the four stabbing related incidents as potentially linked," said chief inspector Stuart Smillie.

"The four victims are all from different backgrounds and appear to have been selected at random due to them being alone and vulnerable. There is nothing to suggest this incident is terror related."

“We are working on the hypothesis that the single male suspect is acting alone and mental health issues may be a factor. All of the people he has targeted have been walking alone and he has approached from behind without warning."

The first attack took place just after 7.00pm on Saturday night when a 45-year-old woman was stabbed in the back after being attacked by the man. She remains in a critical condition.

The second incident took place four hours later and a man was later taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The third stabbing led to a 23-year-old man being hospitalised. He is in a critical but stable condition.


The fourth attack took place just before 10am this morning and a man was taken to hospital. He is facing potentially life-changing injuries.

Police are urging anybody with information on the attacks to contact authorities.