Police locate mother of abandoned baby after 8 months in UK 1 month ago

Police locate mother of abandoned baby after 8 months in UK

The newborn was found alone in a park in April 2021.

Police in Birmingham have found the mother of a baby who was abandoned eight months ago.


The newborn was found in a park by a dog walker at The Mounds in Kings Norton, Birmingham on April 22.

The baby was wrapped in a blanket and was fully clothed when he was discovered. He was taken to hospital for an examination. It is believed he was only hours old when he was found in the park.

The baby was named George by hospital staff and is believed to be doing really well.

Police confirmed, "He is doing really well and is being well cared for."

They also confirmed they have identified his mother after an extensive search.


West Midlands Police praised the public for helping their investigation, saying: "The support from the public and media has been instrumental in identifying the mother.

"West Midlands Police received an overwhelming response with more than 1000 lines of inquiry and have since been able to locate the baby’s mother."

The police's main priority was to always ensure the mum was "safe and supported."

"We can confirm that no further action will be taken by us and, with partners, we are ensuring that she is getting the appropriate support and care she needs."

They stressed, "This is a very upsetting case, we would ask you not to speculate any further, as this is deeply distressing for those concerned."


They thanked the public for all of their help and support.

They added the case has been "a very sensitive and emotive matter for everyone. We wish the baby all the best in the future," investigators added.