'Pretty awkward...' Protesters turn up at the Victoria's Secret launch in Dublin 3 years ago

'Pretty awkward...' Protesters turn up at the Victoria's Secret launch in Dublin

It was a highly-anticipated launch: Victoria's Secret on Monday opened its first Irish stand-alone store on Dublin's iconic Grafton Street.

However, and while a host of well-heeled guests mingled inside - animal-rights protesters gathered outside.


"They were roaring at us leaving telling us to ‘look at the posters’ they were carrying," one guest who attended the event told Her on Monday evening. "It was pretty awkward."

Caught up in the controversy was a popular fashion and beauty blogger, who has asked not to be named.

The blogger recently declared that she was adopting a 'cruelty-free' beauty regime, leading some fans to criticise her attendance at the event.

In response, she took to social media to state that while she likes the VS clothing range, she would not support their beauty. "I still shop in supermarkets for vegetarian food even though they sell meat," she added by way of an explanation.

She furthermore stated: "I’m still learning, like everyone else. I’m making conscious choices this year and trying my best."


Still, another attendee highlighted with Her that the launch was nothing short of "spectacular".

"I have to say it was all really well-run and the store is just incredible," they reported. "I think it's a fantastic presence to have on Grafton Street too - it's such a popular, international brand."

Her has reached out to Victoria's Secret for comment.