Prince Andrew's infamous BBC interview to be made into a film 8 months ago

Prince Andrew's infamous BBC interview to be made into a film

It's in the works.

Prince Andrew's now infamous BBC Newsnight interview is set to be made into a film.


Screenwriter Peter Moffat is adapting a book by producer Sam McAlister about the highly controversial interview the royal did where he spoke about his relationship with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

United Agents confirmed the movie which is set to be called Scoop and will depict the behind the scenes of the interview and what went down with it.

Tweeting about the "exciting news" McAllister said: "…can't actually breathe with the excitement!!!!"

Before adding: "So…. Who should play me?"


Prince Andrew stepped down from public life following the interview and after he was criticised for showing little empathy for the victims of Epstein.

He also lacked remorse for his friendship with the financier during the interview.

During the interview, Andrew denied claims he had sex with Virginia Giuffre, who was said to be trafficked by Epstein on three different occasions, and one being when she was 17, a minor in the US.


Giuffre has alleged that the encounter began when she met Andrew in London's Tramp nightclub where he was described as very sweaty.

Andrew has denied this on the premise that he had a medical condition at the time where he could not sweat and has no recollection of ever meeting the young girl.

He also went on to say that on the day in question he was at a Pizza Express in Woking with his daughters for a party.

Andrew has since paid millions to a civil sexual assault case with Giuffre in the US.


McAlister’s book, Scoops: Behind The Scenes Of The BBC’s Most Shocking Interviews, was released on Thursday.