Rachel Allen's son is charged with cocaine possession 3 weeks ago

Rachel Allen's son is charged with cocaine possession

The young man is expected to enter a not guilty plea.

TV chef Rachel Allen's oldest son Joshua has been charged with cocaine possession.


The 20 year-old was exempt from attending Middleton District Court yesterday, as the court was simply arranging a date for his hearing.

Mr Allen has been charged with the unlawful possession of cocaine contrary to the Misuse of Drugs Act.

His hearing date in relation to the charge from last year will take place in the East Cork Court next month.

Joshua will enter a not guilty plea.

Allen's solicitor, Don Ryan, told the court that he will be bringing an engineer into court to act as a defence witness.

In response, Judge Gabbet said: "I am trying to understand why you would need an engineer in a drug case."

Ryan said that his client will maintain that he was not in possession of cocaine. With regards to the engineer, the solicitor said that he would be needed to offer evidence on the lighting on the night in question, as he maintains that it was very dark.


He added that due to these circumstances, his client could not be identified as the individual in possession of the drug.