Rain, rain and more rain: The weather forecast for the next few days is not good 1 year ago

Rain, rain and more rain: The weather forecast for the next few days is not good


Get absolutely soaked on the way to work today? Yeah, us too.

It’s never nice spending your first hour in the office glued to the closest radiator while you slowly try to dry out the wetsuit that was once your workwear.

Well, looks like we have a few more days of heavy downpours ahead of us.

According to Met Éireann, while Storm Diana has officially passed, this morning’s rain in the east will clear but elsewhere there will be scattered heavy showers with some sunny spells.

The showers will become more widespread as we head into the afternoon and there is a chance of hail or thunder, especially for those in the west.

The temperatures will range from between seven to 11 degrees with fresh and gusty winds.

Tonight, the scattered showers will continue and may grow into longer spells of rain, with temperatures dropping to between four and seven degrees.

Friday’s forecast looks similar to today, with further scattered showers but some good sunny spells breaking through at times. A spell of heavy, persistent rain will spread southwesterly on Friday night and become widespread overnight.

Heading into the weekend, Saturday morning will clear with a few bright and sunny spells and just a few showers.

Those in the southwest will see further spells of rain in the evening, with it becoming widespread during the night but clearing by morning.

Sunday can also boast some outbreaks of rain,interruptedd by some dry periods and even a few sunny spells.

Yep, it’s not looking good, so we’d be wrapping up well this weekend if we were you.