Right; who wants to climb a wall of willies? 5 years ago

Right; who wants to climb a wall of willies?

Is your daily fitness routine lacking a certain je nais se quoi?

If you like your workout with a side of spice, book your cheap flights now: there's a Valentine's themed climbing challenge like no other on the way to the UK.


Roll up, #fitfam because soon you'll have the opportunity to hoist yourself up Grope Mountain; a sheer climbing wall of naughty bits, cast from the very body parts of some brave volunteers.

Yes you are reading that correctly. Instead of fake rocks, this wall features custom holds shaped like penises, boobs and bottoms to grip on the way up.

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Why? Well, according to the wall's designers, the London-based experience design and architectural installation studio Bompas & Parr, a visit to a conventional climbing wall is not only physically engaging, but viewed by many as intriguingly erotic.

Apparently, "the combination of strength, balance and mental agility exhibited by climbers is enhanced by the voyeurism of spectators watching from behind."

They believe Grope Mountain turbocharges that affect, "making the erotic nature of the experience all the more manifest for climbers and spectators alike, resulting in an unrivalled date night for Valentine’s Day."


And all for a tenner on February 11th and 12th in London and February 14th in Liverpool.

Grope Mountain originally launched in 2015 at the Museum of Sex in New York as part of FUNLAND, an interactive exhibition about the pleasures and perils of an eroticised fairground. The latest version is new and improved, with a higher course and more routes to ascend.

As climbers mount the wall, working their way towards the ultimate objective, being crowned “King or Queen of Grope Mountain”, they engage physically with the holds "and cerebrally with the carefully choreographed routes". The idea is that the journey encourages a rethink of the participants’ own body.

We're not sure we buy it. Still, that doesn't mean we wouldn't pop in for a giggle.