Sabina Nessa's family pay tribute to her during sentencing 7 months ago

Sabina Nessa's family pay tribute to her during sentencing

The sentencing of Selamaj is currently underway.

The family of Sabina Nessa, a 28-year-old primary school teacher who was murdered last year, have paid tribute to her during the sentencing of Koci Selamaj.


As SkyNews reports, Nessa's family said that their world was "shattered" after the murder of Sabina.

In their victim impact statement, they described her as a "kind, generous, funny and determined" young woman, and remembered how she was a "girly girl" who loved makeup, handbags and shoes.

They addressed Selamaj directly saying: "As a parent, you would never have thought your child would die before you.

"You had no right to take her away from us in such a way."


They went on to say that their wold has been "shattered into tiny pieces and these pieces cannot be put back together".

They told him: "You are not a human being, you are an animal. Did you really think you wouldn't get caught? You have no right to take our daughter's life away and no right to touch her."

Her sister Jebina told the court how her parents are now "petrified" whenever any of their children leave the house.

Reading her own victim impact statement, Jebina said: "She had every right to be walking down the path and enjoying herself. She had the right to feel safe."


She then shared that she would "do anything" to hold her sister one more time.

"Knowing our sister won't walk through our mum's front door again breaks us," she said.

Lisa Williams, who is the headteacher at the school Sabina worked in, spoke about how her death has impacted the community there.

She said: "We are angry that a teacher was taken away from a class of 30 children she very much cared about.


"No child should be told their teacher has been murdered and will never be coming back."

The sentencing of Selamaj is currently underway.