Short film tells the stories of women affected by the 8th amendment 3 years ago

Short film tells the stories of women affected by the 8th amendment

A powerful new short film has been released that highlights the impact of the 8th amendment.

The makers of the film used the real-life stories and testimonies of women whose lives were changed and in one case a life that was ended by the controversial amendment.


The filmmakers say extensive research was carried out to make sure the film is an accurate reflection of how the 8th impacts on women and medical professionals.

"I researched the stories, spoke with women I know that had been through similar situations. I also spoke to medical professionals and learned of the difficulties they go through as a result of the restrictions put on them. I wanted to be sure that the film was as realistic as possible".

The short film has been endorsed by the Abortion Rights Campaign. Linda Kavanagh, ARC spokesperson said:

"We can't ask people to change what they don't understand. Hopefully this film will show people the harm that the 8th amendment does".

It aims to bring awareness to viewers by exposing the damage the 8th amendment has caused to women and men affected by it.

The filmmakers pulled no punches in exposing some of the shocking consequences of the restrictive abortion laws and the result is a powerful and devastating indictment on how Ireland treats pregnant women.


The film was produced by Karl Callan, Aaron McEnaney, Sofia Bwcka and includes a cast of Irish actors and filmmakers involved in Ireland's thriving film scene notably Maureen O'Connell (writer/director of Proclaim!, an award-winning short film) and Lynette Callaghan of Raw and The Clinic fame.

You can learn more about the film and the story of its production here.