Someone in Ireland won €500,000 in Tuesday night's EuroMIllions draw 11 months ago

Someone in Ireland won €500,000 in Tuesday night's EuroMIllions draw

Better check those tickets.

Last night's EuroMillions jackpot was worth an eye-watering €129,262,876, after there has been no jackpot winner since January 1.

And while plenty of people were hoping to have the lucky ticket and scoop up the jackpot, there was one player in Ireland that really struck it rich.

The numbers that came up in the main draw - which had a jackpot worth €129,262,876 - were: 14, 25, 31, 37, 43 and the lucky stars 2 and 3.

There was no winner of the top prize, though - which means the jackpot will roll over to an estimated €140 million for this Friday's draw.

Meanwhile, the winning numbers in the EuroMillions Plus draw were 2, 12, 33, 42 and 44.

A spokesperson for the National Lottery confirmed that it was a lucky player in Donegal who matched all 5 numbers, winning the draw's top prize of €500,000.

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It comes as another EuroMillions Plus winner revealed the way his family played a part in his big win.

The Co Clare man, who won €500,000 in the draw on January 22, said he plays the same five numbers every time - the birth dates of his first five grandkids.

Speaking at the Winner's Room, he said that he had to tell his children - some of whom live abroad - about the win via video call.

He said:

“They were a bit worried when I asked them to go on a WhatsApp call at half seven on the Wednesday evening following the draw but I assured them it was good news before we went on the call. The job I had trying to convince them I wasn’t joking was another thing!

“I pick the same five numbers every draw and these numbers are the birth dates of my first five grandchildren so I have them to thank for my lucky win.

"My wife also played an integral role as I was with her watching Coronation Street on TV so I was obviously bored when I put on the iPad and played my numbers online. I’ll look after them all surely!”