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Some of these salaries are painfully high.

The 2018 Brightwater Salary Survey was released today, revealing that CEOs at the top of aviation leasing firms are set to bring home the highest salaries in Ireland next year.

The salary range for aviation leasing CEOs is estimated to be €270,000 - €600,000.

In other big money sectors, such as banking, investment & funds management max out at €550,000. Many major global aviation lessors, such as SMBC Aviation Capital, are based in Dublin.

Data for 15 industries is provided by the survey, who interviewed 3,500 workers in order to arrive at their estimations. In the IT sector, Chief Information Officers can expect to make the most money, coming in at somewhere between €200,000 and €240,000.

CEOs at insurance companies can take in anywhere between €180,000 and €420,000.


Almost across the board, the survey returned results reflecting a significant gap between salaries earned in Dublin compared to counterpart roles outside of Dublin.

For example, a branch manager in the banking sector can expect to earn between €65,000 and €90,000 compared to €50,000-€70,000 for branch managers at regional banks. This trend is consistent across industries.

The full results of the survey can be read here.

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