Taoiseach Micheál Martin asks public for 3 things, confirms some restrictions staying 1 month ago

Taoiseach Micheál Martin asks public for 3 things, confirms some restrictions staying

Nightclubs will reopen on Friday, but only to those who are fully vaccinated.

During today's announcement regarding the easing of restrictions on Friday 22 October, An Taoiseach Micheál Martin urged the public to follow three key guidelines, while announcing that some protective Covid-19 measures would be staying in place.


Firstly, Mr Martin asked that while indoors with other people, we should continue to wear masks. Secondly, for those who are running a business that brings people indoors, they should check for a vaccine certificate, and finally, if you are not yet fully vaccinated, you should get the vaccine.

In general, the continued use of masks, social distancing and vaccine certificates is likely to remain in place for several months.

At a press conference, Mr Martin acknowledged that over the past two weeks, we have seen a "worsening situation" in terms of Covid-19, and that as we move to the next stage of easing restrictions, "collective behaviour" will play a huge role.

He added: "If you have not been vaccinated - please make arrangements to be fully vaccinated."

Nightclubs will be able to open from October 22, but they will only be open to those who can produce a digital certificate.

The Taoiseach confirmed that nightclub attendees will be able to dance, adding: "What traditionally happens in a nightclub will continue to happen in a nightclub. (....) Common sense will have to be applied, nightclubs are not the enormity, it's how we all collectively behave."

Normal trading hours will return to bars and restaurants, but table service will remain in place. Additionally, no more than 10 groups of adults may sit at a table.


With regards to sporting events, venues will be able to open with no capacity limits, but protective measures, such as the use of masks, will remain in place.

As for weddings and religious ceremonies, caps on numbers will be scrapped.

Mr Martin also said that antigen testing will play a larger role going forward with regards to the testing of fully vaccinated close contacts.