The full list of storm names for Ireland in 2021/2022 has been released 1 month ago

The full list of storm names for Ireland in 2021/2022 has been released

A number of Irish names have made it onto this year's list.

Met Éireann, the UK Met Office and the Dutch National Weather Service (KNMI) have unveiled the list of names for the 2021/22 storm season.


Since 2014, Met Éireann and the UK Met Office have been working together on the Storm Names partnership to help raise awareness of the potential impacts of severe weather and were joined by KMNI in 2019.

Similar to previous years, each weather service has contributed names reflective of their nation and culture, mainly suggested by members of the public.

"Irish names that have made it onto this year’s list include Barra (Finbarr), Méabh, Pól and Seán," a statement from the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage reads.

"In a recent public vote, Diarmuid was put to a vote along with Duncan, Dudley and Dafydd… and Dudley was the winner, perhaps reflective of the magic of Harry Potter."

As part of international storm-naming conventions, the letters Q, U, X, Y, and Z are left out of consideration for storm names.

The full list of storm names for Ireland and the UK for 2021/2022 are as follows:

  • Arwen
  • Barra
  • Corrie
  • Dudley
  • Eunice
  • Franklin
  • Gladys
  • Herman
  • Imani
  • Jack
  • Kim
  • Logan
  • Méabh
  • Nasim
  • Olwen
  • Pól
  • Ruby
  • Seán
  • Tineke
  • Vergil
  • Willemien

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A storm is named by a National Met Service when Orange or Red level winds are forecast to impact over a wide land area. Orange or Red level gusts can occur in exposed areas without the event being named.