There's a casting call for a group of mates to head out west and have the absolute craic! 1 year ago

There's a casting call for a group of mates to head out west and have the absolute craic!

Are you camera ready?

We're pretty sure it'll be worth your while, friends.

Right now Louise Kiely Casting is looking for a group of mates (you and your REAL friends) to come to a casting call for a TV commercial.

They're looking for a mixed group, each of who are all between the ages of 25 to 29 and who are regular, down to earth, genuine mates! [Note: All members of the group must be 25 years-of-age by September 1 2019]

The team aren't looking for actors but rather, the real deal (and for a large fee!). So just be sure you're not camera-shy and prepare to be confident with a production team around, all while you live it up!

And live it up you shall. Prepare to have some mighty craic because as part of the shoot, you and your mates are heading to the West of Ireland on an incredible trip that'll involve beautiful walks, super chill evenings and maybe a bit of hiking. There will also be a Dublin shoot too.

So, there are a few nitty-gritty deets you should know about...

You must be available on:

  • August 28 to August 29 — wardrobe fitting in Dublin
  • September 2 to September 7 — travel out west, shoot in the West of Ireland and travel back
  • September 9 to September 10 — shoot in Dublin

Then comes the application for your group and don't panic, but... the deadline to apply is THURSDAY 1 AUGUST 2019 at 4pm.

You'll need to send the following information to and please put 'GROUP' and where you are from in the subject line.

1. Admin details for each person in your group

This means full names, each person's date of birth, age, address, email, mobile number and an image of your entire group. (If anyone in your group has an agent, please state this in your email also.)

2. The story of your friendship

You should state in your email when, where and how you all met, and write a little bit about each personality of the group. (The more effort you put in here, the greater your chances of  reaching round two and maybe even nabbing a trip out west and getting that dosh!)

Easy peasy, lads. And so worth it! G'wan.