This airport is offering Goat Yoga classes and we want to go! 4 years ago

This airport is offering Goat Yoga classes and we want to go!

When we think to ourselves, “What’s the one thing in life that we’re missing.” - surely Goat Yoga comes to mind...

*currently laughing out loud*


Of all the things we can spend our time doing - Goat Yoga has indeed long been a craze which many have incorporated into their lives. We’re all aware of the benefits of yoga itself, but now, with added goats, those benefits have been further enhanced.

With lively, bopping-all-over-the-place goats, it’s as if their child-like energy lifts our own, lowers our blood pressure, cholesterol AND anxiety levels (as animals are known to do for us).

And who doesn’t LOVE goats anyway? Can we just take a moment to recall...

Well to make travelling this holiday season a little more chilled out, those moseying through Denver International Airport could pre-book a very relaxing mini yoga or meditation session before hitting the sky.

Oh, but not just any old yoga session - a Goat Yoga session! Denver International Airport gave the rationale;


“Because we believe there’s so much more to the airport experience than you expect. It should be relaxing, fun and unexpected. That’s the art of airporting.”

It would seem that regular goat screams and potentially smelling like goats is now too the art of ‘airporting’.

Well, once the goats are happy - so are we! Denver Airport Authorities have also hinted that we can expect more surprises like this in future.

So, who wants to head to Denver?