Three Bodies Found In Search For Ex-Eastenders Actress And Her Sons 6 years ago

Three Bodies Found In Search For Ex-Eastenders Actress And Her Sons

Police searching for missing former Eastenders actress and her two sons have found three bodies at the family's South London home.

Forty-three-year-old Sian Blake and her sons eight-year-old Zachary and four-year-old Amon went missing three weeks ago, and the case was described as "high-risk".


police have confirmed that three bodies, which have yet to be formally identified, were found in the garden and that a murder investigation is underway.

The police are also concerned for the whereabouts of Sian's husband,  Arthur Simpson-Kent, who originally alerted police to their disappearance but subsequently disappeared himself three days later.

Sian Blake played Frankie Pierre on the BBC soap in the 1990s and now suffers from motor neurone disease.

She was last seen on Sunday December 13th when taking her children to visit family in Leyton, East London.


Police stressed that they were worried for Blake's health because her condition requires constant medical attention.

DCI Graeme Gwyn, said:

“In particular, Sian suffers from a serious life-threatening condition and we do not know if she is receiving the medication and treatment she requires to keep well.

“I am appealing directly to Sian and Arthur to get in touch with the police and let us know they are all well. I am also appealing to anyone who has seen the family or knows where they may be to get in touch as soon as possible.”