To Belfast! Guinness' flaming grill banquet hits The Dark Horse next weekend 2 years ago

To Belfast! Guinness' flaming grill banquet hits The Dark Horse next weekend

Brought to you by Guinness 232°C

Witness a fiery grilled feast unlike any other.


As you've likely heard, Guinness 232°C is hosting a number of superbly delicious events across the country in celebration of all things Guinness.

Next Saturday, October 26 and Sunday, October 27, Guinness 232°C goes to Belfast, partnering with the renowned Bia Rebel restaurant to cook up quite the storm!

Bia Rebel will command the flaming grills of The Dark Horse, where attendees can expect exceptional food and drink, all within the unique and historic area where once upon a time, you'd have seen Belfast's pottery and whiskey merchants throughout the cobbled streets.

Next weekend, however, food expert Ali Dunworth will see the talent from Bia Rebel break free from the kitchen and challenge themselves to create a one-of-a-kind menu using the finest of Irish ingredients, all flame-grilled to utter perfection.

With mouthwatering grub and an eclectic programme of live music and entertainment by John Mahon of The Locals, you'll be in your element with all the gang. It's simply not to be missed.

Be sure to purchase your ticket for the evening you want to experience flame-grilled goodness, each ticket costing £10. Your ticket includes a booking fee, a complimentary pint of Guinness or Pure Brew non-alcoholic lager AND two signature dishes.

You're in for a good time folks! And of course, the most scrumptious feast of the season. Enjoy.


Brought to you by Guinness 232°C