American town elects golden retriever as mayor because he's an extremely good boy 1 year ago

American town elects golden retriever as mayor because he's an extremely good boy

A presidential campaign could well be on the cards

Idyllwild, which is apparently a real place in California, America, elected Maximus Might Dog Mueller II as its mayor.

The landmark election candidates, which took place a few months ago, consisted of 14 (fourteen!) dogs and two cats, for some reason.

They are arguably even more distrustful than real politicians. People paid exactly $1 to vote and all proceeds went to animal rescue services, which is cool, and maybe even the most wholesome electoral race in history.

Anyway, Maximus Might Dog, Max for short, beat out the competition by just being, I don't know, a really good boy.

I mean, he wears a tie, which already sets him a considerable distance apart from all the other doggos. And especially the cats. The cats had no chance.

You'd never see a cat in a tie. Never.

Credit: Mayor Max Facebook

Remarkably, the election was actually five years ago, and Max has held office with distinction ever since. Fortunately for the good people of Idyllwild, the post is for life.

Max can reportedly often be seen cruising around town in his personalised pick-up truck, with his head stuck right out of the window and his tongue wagging in the breeze.

Credit: Mayor Max Facebook

He also makes regular public appearances, wearing - you guessed it - that adorable tie of his. He also wears a cowboy hat sometimes! Truly, he is a dog of the people.

One more thing - he even has a son. Don't expect this political dynasty to end anytime soon.

Credit: Mayor Max Facebook

Who's a good boy? N'awwwwww.