"Traumatised" 10-year-old girl escapes from car as man steals it 1 year ago

"Traumatised" 10-year-old girl escapes from car as man steals it

“My daughter came in shaking and squealing and crying."

A 10-year-old girl has been left "shocked and shaking" after escaping from a stolen car.


The young girl was waiting for her father at a petrol station in Belfast when the robbery took place. Colin Ashwood, the girl's father, explained that he was paying for petrol in the Spar store.

His daughter was sitting in the passenger seat, listening to music. The robbery took place at around 9. 20 pm on Tuesday, January 11th.

The dad explained that a man got into the car, but quickly jumped out when he realised he wasn't alone. Mr. Ashwood's daughter then leaped out of the car and ran into the shop.

Her dad said she was terrified after the ordeal.


He told Independent.ie: "She came running in squealing saying: ‘Daddy, daddy - someone is stealing the car. By the time I got out to the car he had sped away.

"It is just the way he walks up to the car, gets in, and then sees my daughter in the passenger seat before jumping out and running away."

“My daughter came in shaking and squealing and crying."

After his daughter ran into the shop, the thief returned and sped away in the father's vehicle.


However, the incident was captured on CCTV. The PSNI is currently investigating the robbery. PSNI Sergeant Adams has appealed for witnesses.

"A grey Seat Leon was taken from the forecourt of a petrol station in the Tates Avenue area of the city."

The suspect has been described as being 5'10" in height, slim build, and has light brown/ ginger hair.

He was wearing a grey top and blue tracksuit bottoms when he stole the car.


The dad said his daughter is still shaken but is taking good care of her.