Twitter makes a push for live video options, would you subscribe? 2 years ago

Twitter makes a push for live video options, would you subscribe?

The social media giant already has deals brokered with the NFL and now they're looking to expand.

Just picture it... your feet are up, the fire is lit (yes we know it's spring, but it's also Ireland), and you're watching your favourite TV show while tweeting simultaneously.

We all do it... it's a Thursday night ritual with First Dates Ireland and Sunday nights would NOT be the same without sharing our opinions on Room to Improve .

Well, Twitter is taking note, the thing is... they don't want you to watch TV and tweet, they want you to watch TWITTER and tweet.



They're in the process of targeting TV companies that would let subscribers watch live channels over the social network as the troubled company looks for new ways to grow users.

According to the Telegraph deals are currently being hashed out with broadcasters such as Sky and BT, as well as their US counterparts.

Customers who already have TV subscriptions would be able to link their subscriptions with their Twitter account, giving them access to paid-for channels within the Twitter app.

Twitter have dabbled with live TV in the past, last year they signed deals with the NFL and had options for live streaming Wimbledon.

Major sporting events are usually the sites busiest times as people watch and share their opinions online.

It seems their ultimate goal is to merge the two experiences so their users can watch everything on the one platform at the one time.