Two Irish sisters appeared on ITV to discuss both of their transitions 5 years ago

Two Irish sisters appeared on ITV to discuss both of their transitions

Two Irish sisters have appeared on ITV’s This Morning to share the story of their transition.

Chloe and Jamie Oherlihy from Cork were both born male but each feel they were born into the wrong body.


In an interview with Carters news earlier this year, Jamie said:

“It’s a cliche to say, ‘I always knew,’ but I did and I just kept pushing it to the back of my mind.”

“Then I started doing some drag shows in the evenings and I realized how comfortable I felt dressed up.”

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“I tried to ignore it but it got to the point where when the morning came round, I didn’t want to take off the drag because it was a better representation of me than I was,” she said. “So I came out to Chloe and our mum last summer, and by November I had come out to all my friends and colleagues.”

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In the ITV program which aired yesterday, their mother revealed that she didn’t struggle to accept the news.


She described her daughters as two beautiful and said that their happiness is paramount.

When asked about partners and finding love, Jamie revealed that she met her boyfriend Harry at a TENI event earlier this year.

Jamie explains that she went to the event to discover more about herself but was pleasantly surprised when Harry walked in. The two have been a couple for more than two months.


The couple now create YouTube videos to raise awareness of Trans issues and increase visibility.