Two years since Repealing the Eighth, Ireland shares its #RepealMemories 1 month ago

Two years since Repealing the Eighth, Ireland shares its #RepealMemories

It's been two years since Ireland repealed the Eighth Amendment.

On May 25 2018, the country overwhelmingly in favour of removing the law that made it illegal for women in Ireland to access safe and legal abortion services.

66.4 percent of the Irish electorate voted to repeal the law and ensure that women in Ireland had a choice - a choice for motherhood and over their own bodies.

The referendum did not eradicate the countless human rights issues that still exist for millions of women and girls across the globe, and nor did it erase the discrimination that many women still face in this country, but it did change a lot for Ireland.

A watershed moment in the fight for women's rights, the referendum marked the efforts of thousands of campaigners across the country, some of whom had fought for decades for the right to choose.

Today, people are remembering the day Ireland finally Repeal the Eighth, using the hashtag #Repeal Memories.