Undercover cop 'sent into prison to get Maddie McCann suspect to confess' 1 year ago

Undercover cop 'sent into prison to get Maddie McCann suspect to confess'

The officer went undercover to try and befriend prime suspect Christian Brueckner

A German police officer went undercover in a prison to try and get a confession out of the prime suspect in the Maddie McCann case.


Earlier this year, German prosecutors said they were '100% convinced' that Christian Brueckner is the man responsible for McCann's disappearance and suspected death.

They said they have the evidence to charge the 44-year-old, but are waiting to have the "best body of evidence possible."

Brueckner was first identified as the prime suspect in the McCann case while he was already serving a jail sentence for sexually assaulting a 72-year-old American woman in Portugal.

Now, The Mirror reports that a cop went undercover to befriend Brueckner and get a confession out of him.


Brueckner had apparently previously spoken to a friend about the kidnapping of Maddie McCann while they were together in the Algarve. Investigators hoped he would trust the undercover cop enough to open up once more.

They sent a disguised officer into Wolfenbüttel – where Brueckner was being held at the time – but the trap reportedly failed.

Prosecutors in Braunschweig have said “no comment” when asked about the “sting”.

Brueckner is now in solitary confinement in a different jail.


Whilst Madeleine's parents have promised to never give up hope on seeing their daughter again one day, German prosecutors have said they have no doubt that she was killed.

German prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters said last month: "We are confident we have the man who took and killed your daughter.

"We have no body and no DNA but we have other evidence. Based on the evidence we have, it leads to no other conclusion.

"I can’t tell you on which basis we assume she is dead. But for us, there’s no other possibility. There is no hope she is alive."