Urgent appeal for dog blood donations as stock shortage worsens 1 year ago

Urgent appeal for dog blood donations as stock shortage worsens

The campus' blood supplies have been "exhausted".

The veterinary hospital at UCD has issued an urgent appeal for dog blood donors following shortages.


Just like humans, dogs occasionally require blood transfusions following injuries or illness.

The website for the veterinary hospital states: "Accidents, surgery and immune-mediated disease are some of the more common reasons that dogs need life saving blood transfusions. And, just like people, dogs have different blood types. Giving a matched blood transfusion minimises the risk of an adverse reaction."

On today's Morning Ireland on RTÉ, UCD's Professor Carmel Mooney said that existing blood supplies have been exhausted and numerous dogs have required transfusions this week.

The hospital, which is located on UCD's campus in Belfield, is looking for anyone with a suitable dog to get in touch.


The donors should be between one and eight-years-old and they should weigh more than 25 kilograms and be in full health.

Additionally, all dogs should be fully vaccinated, wormed and not receiving any medication before they can be considered for donation. They should not have travelled outside Ireland or the UK, and they should never have received a blood transfusion themselves.

Dogs should also have a "good temperament".

For more information on how to get your dog involved, head to UCD Veterinary Hospital's website right here.