Vicky Phelan "delighted and relieved" to receive Covid vaccine 5 months ago

Vicky Phelan "delighted and relieved" to receive Covid vaccine

Vicky said that catching Covid was a "constant worry".

Cervical cancer campaigner Vicky Phelan has received the Covid-19 vaccine.


Phelan is currently in Maryland, taking part in a clinical trial. The advocate feared becoming infected with the virus as it would mean she'd have to come off the trial.

Vicky shared a picture of herself receiving the vaccine from a healthcare worker in Alexandria, Virginia.

In her Instagram caption, she wrote:

"I got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine so I don’t have to go back for a second dose."

She continued: "I am both delighted and relieved to now be vaccinated as the constant worry of catching Covid was weighing heavily on me because if I were to catch Covid, I would have to come off my clinical trial and that was not something that I wanted to happen."


Phelan added that she hasn't experienced any side effects, apart from some tiredness. However, she acknowledged that her fatigue could have stemmed from her treatment.

She wrote: "So far, so good! I have been very tired today but that could also be because of treatment yesterday."

She told her followers that she will give a video update 24 hours after receiving the vaccine.

Vicky flew out to the United States earlier this year to undergo treatment as part of a clinical trial for cancer patients. She is hopeful that the trial will have a positive effect on her cancer.

Phelan received a cervical cancer diagnosis in 2014. She took a smear test in 2011 and was told she had no abnormalities. This was later found to be incorrect. She was one of 206 women who received a false-negative diagnosis amid the CervicalCheck cancer scandal.


Last month, Vicky said she was feeling hopeful about her current treatment. Doctors determined that her CA125 levels dropped down from 330 to 104. A normal CA125 level is below 45.