Weather warning issued to motorists ahead of "unpredictable" conditions 1 month ago

Weather warning issued to motorists ahead of "unpredictable" conditions

With hail on the forecast, the Road Safety Authority has issued a warning to drivers.

Motorists have been urged to exercise caution on the roads, as sudden hail storms have been forecast, The Irish Times reports.


Over the next few days, we may expect "unpredictable", and "localised" hail, as well as very cold conditions.

The Road Safety Authority has asked drivers to reduce their speed without breaking if possible, and to use their hazard lights. Motorists should also drive slowly and in a high gear as this will help drivers accelerate and brake gently while maintaining grip.

Additionally, in icy conditions, drivers are being advised to drive slowly on bends to prevent loss of control. Motorists should also ensure that their tyres are inflated correctly, and are not below the legal minimum tread depth, which is 1.6mm.

Met Éireann has said that today will be very cold with sunny spells and wind both forecast. We may also expect a risk of hail as well as scattered blustery showers.

The risk of hail, rain and sleet continues into this evening, though the Irish Meteorological Service has said that this will likely occur in the northern and western coasts of Ireland. This will then ease as the night goes on.

Met Éireann has also forecast frost in the country, but particularly over the eastern half.

Tomorrow will get off to a largely dry start with some sunny spells and just some isolated light showers. As the morning continues, patchy rain and drizzle will spread across the country, and, in the afternoon, the rain will turn heavier and more persistent in the west and southwest in the evening.


Ulster and Leinster will see highs of 4 to 7 degrees, but elsewhere milder temperatures of 7 to 10 degrees are forecast.