Woman quits her job and spends 57 days searching for her missing dog 2 years ago

Woman quits her job and spends 57 days searching for her missing dog

We're not crying, we've just got something in our eye.

An American woman who quit her job to spend two months searching for her missing dog has been reunited with her after 57 days.


Carole and Verne King's border collie Katie escaped from a dog-friendly hotel room while they were on vacation in July.

The Kings believed that Katie, who had seemingly managed to unlatch the door, may have gotten spooked by a thunderstorm in the area, according to NBC Montana's KECI. 

An attendant told the family that they had seen a dog run out of the front door a few hours before.


The couple were so determined to find Katie that they bought night vision goggles, animal tracking cameras and brought in horse manure from their family farm in East Washington. Carole even quit her job to make sure she was able to stay nearby and search for Katie.

Katie went missing on July 20. And then, on September 15, King received a tip that Katie had been spotted in a nearby backyard - and the pair were reunited.

“She was right there in the bushes,” King told the news outlet. “I yelled her name, and she came right up to me.”

She said that while Katie had lost 12 pounds since she went missing, she was otherwise healthy.


A video of Katie being brought back to her home in Washington has been shared in the Facebook group Katie IS Home! - and you can watch it here.