World Trade Centre worker says she survived 9/11 thanks to Mariah Carey 11 months ago

World Trade Centre worker says she survived 9/11 thanks to Mariah Carey

Mariah, her saviour.

A woman who survived the 9/11 terror attack on the Twin Towers has revealed that she only made it through because of Mariah Carey.


Revealing how the singer saved her life on that horrific day, Sara Botkin said she was working a temporary job on the 105th floor of the World Trade Center’s South Tower for Aon Corporation.

At around 9am that morning, two hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Center buildings, causing them to collapse and killing nearly 3,000 people. Another two planes were also hijacked, one crashing into the Pentagon and another in a field in Pennsylvania.

When it comes to Sara's story, her way of surviving was unlike any other, saying she was late to work that morning as she had stopped to buy her favourite singer Mariah Carey's album Glitter, which had been released that day.


Speaking to Philadelphia based news channel WPXI, she strongly believes this is why she was saved that day.

"I think it’s got to be luck. So many people said God was watching out for me that day. And I believe in God, but I can’t think that He would be a God that would watch out for all those people who lost their lives. Fathers and daughters and mothers and sons," Sara said.

"So, I just think I was really lucky."


As the North Tower was hit, Sara was only about to make her way to her office, after picking up the album. Her company lost 176 people in the tragedy.

As the world commemorated the lost lives on Saturday for the 20th anniversary, Sara says she watches the footage every year to remind her of those no longer with us.

"I don’t know why," she said. "It's just to remind myself or pay tribute of the folks who were so desperate that they jumped out of the towers.

"I just… I’ll never forget those days."