Young woman found dead after fake naked images shared online 7 months ago

Young woman found dead after fake naked images shared online

*Content warning - contains references to suicide*

The death has sparked outrage on social media.


Two people have been arrested in Egypt for allegedly blackmailing a teenage girl with digitally altered images.

Doctored naked photographs of 17-year-old Basant Khaled were posted online after she had refused to go on a date with a young man, BBC reports.

After the fabricated images were seen by friends, fellow students, and teachers at her school, Basant tragically took her own life by swallowing poison on 23 December.

In a letter written to her mother, she said:


"Mum, I hope you understand that I am not this girl. These photos are fake, I swear to God. I'm a young girl and I don't deserve what is happening to me.

"I'm very depressed. I can't have any more of this. I'm tired. I'm suffocating."

According to Youm7 news, the false images were allegedly made using photos of Basant stolen from her mobile phone after she clicked on a link sent to her by the young man she had refused to date.

Her death has since sparked outrage and demands for justice on social media. An Arabic hashtag, "Basant Khaled’s right must be returned", has also gone viral.

"Her face had been attached to the body of someone else,” her father, Khaled Chalabi, told local media. “She’s my daughter, I know her well and she’s not like that.”

According to the family’s lawyer, Abul-Magd, Basant had been subjected to intense bullying following the distribution of the images.

Her sister told Youm7 news: "We believed that she was innocent and tried to support her. But she wasn't able to endure people's comments."

She added: "We will not give up Basant's right. Whoever caused her death must be punished."

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior confirmed that security forces had detained two suspects and public prosecutors were beginning an investigation into the allegations of blackmail.