QUIZ: Get out the stockings and mistletoe - it's our Christmas trivia! 3 years ago

QUIZ: Get out the stockings and mistletoe - it's our Christmas trivia!

Brought to you by Club Zero. 

I'm dreaming of a turquoise Christmas.


What? Something's a little off there? Okay, fine. That was an easy one, everyone knows that song. But we have a trivia-filled Christmas quiz right here that we DON'T think you'll be able to get. Not all of the answers anyway.

Think we're wrong? Think you're a true Christmas fan? Is The Twelve Days of Christmas your jam? Do you count down the days until advent and crave the crunchy goodness of Brussels sprouts? (They get way too much hate.)

Well, we'll see.

This is the quiz to separate the Christmas mistlePROS from the Christmas mistleNOS. Okay, sorry. That's bad even for us.

So here you go, all you little Christmas elves. If you get 100 percent, you're allowed to start wearing your ugly jumpers a week early. (If you want some real prizes, head over to Club Orange's Facebook page when you're done, where they have a few competitions for you to win some superb Christmassy prizes. Keep an eye out for our Insta stories this Thursday for more information on that.)

Now, on to the quiz...


Brought to you by Club Zero.

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