Our Irish nostalgia quiz will tell you if you're really Irish at all! 2 years ago

Our Irish nostalgia quiz will tell you if you're really Irish at all!

Brought to you by Club Zero.

Oh memories...

Just think of the wooden spoon, the sheer horror when you'd forget to turn off the immersion, or grandma lathering you in holy water before you left the house.

It's not all bad though - some things growing up here in Ireland were pretty savage altogether. We had some pop-bands we'll never forget, TV shows, makeup brands/products we'll forever associate with adolescence, and the drinks and foods that remind us so much of summer.

Enter… Club Zero!

Because if we're talking about things that are quintessentially Irish, Club Orange (one of Ireland’s favourite brands) has gotta be in there. Better still, this month we're celebrating the refreshing launch of the new Club Zero Lemon. Hello, summer!

The Club Zero range also includes Orange, Rock Shandy, and Raspberry (as well as the aforementioned Club Zero Lemon). Furthermore, there is a limited-edition Club Zero Super Split that sounds just about perfect for the current heatwave.

To celebrate the launch of the delightful Club Zero Lemon, we thought we'd test your knowledge on a few of the most nostalgic items/films known to us Irish. If you can name them... well congratulations. Be prepared to be transported back in time.

Brought to you by Club Zero.

Club is the number one Irish soft drink in the market and a quintessential Irish brand that has excited and entertained consumers since it was first developed in Dublin in the 1930s. Club is renowned for its superior taste and texture (the 'bits') and now you can discover the great zero sugar taste with the Club Zero range. For more information, check out the Club Facebook page.