QUIZ: What engagement ring suits your personality best? 3 years ago

QUIZ: What engagement ring suits your personality best?

Brought to you by Voltaire Diamonds. 

You waiting for someone to pop the question?


Us neither.

Unless you said yes, then congrats on finding love and happiness. We're only a little bitter.

Whether or not that engagement is just-around-the-corner, there's no harm in having a look at what's on offer, checking out what your future could have in store for you. Perusing the future goods, if you will.

Basically, there's no bad time to look at diamonds, amirite?

If you love diamonds like we do then you probably know that there are loads of different shapes and styles of engagement rings. If you know zero about engagement rings then never fear, that's exactly what this quiz is for. You can see exactly which ring suits you best and then no need to go learning about all the rest. Three cheers for a minimal effort requirement.

Engagements can be stressful times, especially if you're the one who has to sit there waiting for the proposal, wondering about what type of ring you're going to get, and when the proposal is going to happen. It's so much easier for the person who gets to choose the ring out of hundreds of options, and who has to come up with the perfect setting and time for this once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully) event.


Okay fine, maybe it's not easier for that person. But this quiz can help them too! If you're doing the proposing, just imagine yourself in your fiancé(e)-to-be's shoes and then answer the question. Get your result and bam, you know exactly what ring to get. Now all you gotta do is propose.

So, whatever side you're on, have a go at this quiz and find out which engagement ring is destined to be yours.

Brought to you by Voltaire Diamonds.


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