QUIZ: Which romantic Christmas movie do you belong in? 1 year ago

QUIZ: Which romantic Christmas movie do you belong in?

Brought to you by BIC.

Christmas is here and you know what that means — love is all around!

Winter is definitely considered the season of romance – it's cold outside, there are loads of movies on TV, and the fireplace and a candlelit dinner on the couch are calling. It's the best time of the year to have someone to keep you company on those long, cold evenings… BRRR!

Despite us being a nation who take pride in being great craic, when winter comes around, 88% of us would actually prefer to stay in, rather than braving the freezing cold. So it makes sense that you want someone to cuddle up with.


After all the evenings spent lazing on the couch watching Christmas movies, we have to admit, we do get a little carried away with the romance of it all! We can't be the only ones... We know you love them too!

So, to celebrate the romance of winter, we’ve partnered with our pals BIC Lighters - the essential accessory for creating that ultimate cosy setting at home - to put together a little Christmas quiz to find out which romantic Christmas movie you should star in.

Are you out with friends (single and ready to mingle)? Or are you waiting under the mistletoe for that perfect person to sweep you off your feet?


Brought to you by BIC.

This winter, the world leader in lighters — BIC — is celebrating the ‘spark’, encouraging people to relight that romance and for singletons to spark up something new! Create the perfect romantic setting with the help of BIC’s Romance range of Pocket Lighters.