QUIZ: How well do you remember The Rugrats Movie? 2 years ago

QUIZ: How well do you remember The Rugrats Movie?

Who here could play the theme song on the piano?

A classic tune. For a classic TV show. Which led to a pretty great movie, we have to say. It was apparently the first non-Disney movie to gross over one hundred million dollars at the box office. We're very proud to say that we most definitely contributed to that hundred million.


It was such an event when this movie came out, as it was with The Rugrats in Paris and The Rugrats Go Wild (but those movies are for another day). The Rugrats Movie seriously lived up to the show. Even watching it back now (because, yes, we still do) the humour still stands up. There are SO MANY adult jokes slipped in that just breezed right over our innocent little heads all those years ago... Discovering them now makes the rewatch even better.

How long has it been since you last watched it? Do you think your hundred times watching it as a kid has prepared you enough for this quiz?

Guess you better find out.


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