You can help make history by supporting the Ireland women's soccer team this month 3 years ago

You can help make history by supporting the Ireland women's soccer team this month

Come cheer the girls in green!

On October 8, the Ireland women's soccer team take on Ukraine in a UEFA Euro 2021 qualifier.


The upcoming match will be the team's first under newly arrived coach Vera Pauw, who is an experienced manager and former Dutch international. It's hoped that team can continue their winning streak, after a 2-0 victory over Montenegro in the qualifiers earlier this month.

The game takes place at Tallaght Stadium - AND WE WANT TO FILL IT!!!

Her is proud to be join 20x20 and the FAI in an effort to get a record-breaking crowd to support the girls in green. How often do you get a chance to be a part of actual history?


Better still, tickets are just €5, so you can make a change in the world simply by rounding up your spare change!

This year has already seen record attendances at the women's Six Nations competition, and it was an emotional day for all concerned at Croke Park when a crowd of 56,114 attended the LGFA All-Ireland finals. These are the events that the young women of future generations will look back on as the spark that ignited a new movement for women's sport.

And these are the players that young girls all over the country are looking up to right now.



But you don't have to be a diehard soccer fan, or even a sports fan at all, to come along and enjoy the atmosphere – and the craic – on what's guaranteed to be a momentous occasion.

“It’s always important to have the support behind you when you play for your country," says Ireland star Louise Quinn.

"That’s what Irish people are so good at. It doesn’t matter what sport it is, when you play for your country, it’s a proud moment, and to have as much support with you in Tallaght Stadium makes wearing that green jersey all the better."


So now's your chance - put a Tuesday evening to good use by travelling to Tallaght to support your fellow women. Apparently we're the best fans in the world, so it's time to step up and show it.

Let's make history.