Kellie Harrington honoured with surprise art after going back to work 2 years ago

Kellie Harrington honoured with surprise art after going back to work

"Go on ye big fluffy pigeon."

Irish Olympic gold medalist Kellie Harrington has been presented with artwork on her return to work.


The boxer, who works in St. Vincent's Hospital in Fairview, took to Twitter to share the surprise that was waiting for her.

In her picture, Kellie poses with her gold medal in front of a large banner which reads: "Well done on your Olympic journey. Go on ye big fluffy pigeon."

In her caption, Kellie tweeted: "Back in work today and this is what was up in one of the wards made by some amazingly talented people."


The "fluffy pigeon" comment is a reference to the way Kellie described herself in a post-fight interview during her Olympic journey.

The boxer has worked in the psychiatric hospital for several years now, and has spoken highly about her job.

She previously told The Irish Sun that she "absolutely loves" the patients, and she thinks of them "as family".


She said: "It's a rewarding job for me. The job itself is not so great but it's the interaction. They're vulnerable people and I just like being able to go in and put a smile on their face basically."

The boxer has long said that she would return to work, regardless of the outcome of her Olympic journey.

Earlier this week, she spoke about how boxing is just one element of her life. During a Zoom press conference for FBD Insurance, Kellie said: "Boxing is only a sport. It is not the be all and end all. It is not what defines me."

She continued: "I have a job. I'm back in work this weekend and that's what I love. If i didn't have that job, maybe I would be in a different place and let things go to my head, but that keeps me grounded."