Nike launches 'Pro Hijab' for female Muslim athletes 4 years ago

Nike launches 'Pro Hijab' for female Muslim athletes

More women than ever are embracing sport.

It's been over a year in the making, and now finally, female Muslim athletes are being represented by a global sportswear company.


Nike have long been an advocacy of inclusivity, just last week they launched a plus size range for women.

Speaking to Al Arabiya English, Global Nike Spokeswoman Megan Saalfeld said " The Nike Pro Hijab was designed as a direct result of our athletes telling us they needed this product to perform better,” “We hope that it will help athletes around the world do just that.”

The range was first teased in the company's video campaign for the Middle East 'What Will They Say About You?'.

For women in the Middle East, religion and conservitism is not the only barrier, it's also the searing heat.

Summer temperatures in the Arab regions hit numbers that we'll NEVER see here in Ireland. Keeping this in mind, Nike designed their hijab using a mesh material with breathable fabric. The lightweight polyester features tiny, strategically placed holes for optimal breathability.

The Nike Pro Hijab hopes to change perceptions of female Muslim athletes across the world, good stuff Nike!