10 of the best buys on ASOS if you need motivation on the fitness front 3 years ago

10 of the best buys on ASOS if you need motivation on the fitness front

It's been a while since you surveyed the contents of your wardrobe and really deliberated over an outfit, isn't it?

If you can barely remember the last time you considered the cut, colour or shape of a garment you've plucked from your shelf, you're definitely not alone.


Indeed, the vast majority of us have simply alternated between pyjamas and leisurewear ever since lockdown came into operation, and that's more than OK. Hell, there were weeks at the start when nothing but PJs and wine would do.

However, as lockdown continues to roll on, and we all attempt to adjust to our 'new normal', many of us have acknowledged the importance of implementing a routine, taking some exercise and prioritising a little me-time, if possible.

And while it's still hard, most of us will be all too familiar with the burst of motivation that comes with the purchase of new active wear, right?


Whether it's a new pair of trainers, the leggings you were lusting after or a replacement sports bra, there's something about a brand-new addition to your gym wardrobe that reinvigorates any attempt to stick to a fitness plan, and the same applies during lockdown.

OK sure, it's unlikely you'll feel the need to invest in a new gym bag or water bottle right now, but just because your exercise routine no longer takes place in a gym doesn't mean your exercise gear gets to take its foot off the gas.

In fact, if you're making do with DIY exercise equipment in a more confined space, something tells us you could definitely do with gear you feel good in, and active wear that supports and plays its part.

Oh, and it goes without saying, no one's feeling like breaking the bank on this one, right?


With that in mind, why not feast your eyes on some of our top picks from ASOS because Christ knows, we'll take all the motivation we can get right now.

ASOS 4505 Colour Block Racer Back Bra €24.89

ASOS 4505 Open Back Vest in Blurred Print €22.12


Asos 4505 Neo Tank with Mesh Detail €22.12

Asos 4505 Short Sleeve Boxy Crop in Melange €22.12

ASOS 4505 Drop Shoulder T-shirt with Camo Logo  €24.89


ASOS 4505 Graphic Printed Legging €33.18

ASOS 4505 Tall High Waist Legging with Reflective Stitching €30.42

Asos 4505 Camo Legging with V Waistband €33.18

Asos 4505 Icon Training Booty Short €16.59

Asos 4505 Icon Woven Short €24.89