2019 brides...you're about to see the wedding dress of your dreams 3 years ago

2019 brides...you're about to see the wedding dress of your dreams

Getting married next year?

Okay, so the above said dress but think dresses because Grace Loves Lace has released a new bridal collection and sensational doesn't even begin to cover it.


If you're a gal who loves attention to detail, then the embellishment, lace, fringing included in these designs will have you freaking out.

In case you haven't heard of this particular dress brand before now, then the fact that the Hollie dress was given the title 'most pinned wedding dress' might ring a bell.

I'm not getting married anytime soon but after looking at these designs, I can't help but be blown away by the stunning dresses and somehow I don't think I'll be alone in that.

Aptly entitled the ICON collection, each design is more gorgeous than the last and if you've just started the hunt for your dream dress, you're going to find lots of inspiration below.

We've selected three favourites but to be honest, they're all beautiful and you can check out the entire collection here.


First up, the absolutely divine SOL dress.

This combines the silhouette of the much-loved ROSA gown but this new design features 'secret garden embroidery' and as you'll see below, it's stunning.

Also, the Menha. The description for this one is dreamy..." a classic silhouette with breathtaking iridescent blush-tone spot embroidery and beaded stone straps".


Last but certainly not least, the COCO, "a modern work of art". This dress won't be for everyone but you can't deny how breathtaking it is either, see the Instagram video below for reference.

Grace Loves Lace is based in Australia so if you're brave enough and completely head over heels, you can buy online but the brand also recently opened a showroom in London which might be an option, bridal party weekend trip?!