4 styles of hats for autumn/winter for when you're having an average hair day 1 month ago

4 styles of hats for autumn/winter for when you're having an average hair day

Hats, hats and more hats!

Autumn is the best season for fashion, still not too cold but cold enough to wear layers and pair a chic hat with most looks.

Now I'm all for a cosy knit but this season why not go a bit extra and try wearing a style you've never worn before?

Of course always have your wooly hat as a backup because they come in handy all year round, I even find myself wearing wolly hats at summer festivals every now and then but that's for another day. Today it's all about some stylish hats that will bring your outfit to the next level while keeping your head a little warmer.

These are the hat styles you are going to want to invest in for the upcoming months.


Now this is a style you need to get on board with this year, it's a statement piece but also keeps you warm and you will not go anywhere without someone complimenting it. A fedora is also the perfect pairing for a casual daytime look and a nice big oversized coat.

Bucket hats

Also known as fisherman style hats, these are leading the way this autumn winter for fashionistas around the world. They're also ideal if it starts raining as they cover most of your hair. For this you could go with a plain black one or you could go that bit extra and get a patterned one or even a fluffy bucket hat!

Baseball hats

Not everyone loves them but they are handy to have in your closet, especially when you're wearing a casual look, these are ideal for popping down to the coffee shop in some leggings and a cute jumper especially if your hair isn't having one of its finest days.

Beanie hats

There are so many options of beanie hats available now you can find one for any head. Hair down and beanie hat on is our top tip for this.