5 fresh (and easy) new ways to deck your halls this Christmas 11 months ago

5 fresh (and easy) new ways to deck your halls this Christmas

Far from being a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas decor, I like to mix things up when it comes to decorating for the holidays.

Much to the slight dismay of the rest of my family, who are slightly less keen on my, ehm, modern ideas. Last year, my little girl came home from school one December day and ask with tears in her eyes why we couldn't have red baubles on our tree, because, didn't I know, Christmas baubles "are MEANT to be red, mamma!"

Whoops. Ours (last year) were bronze, white and brown. And mini disco baubles displayed in large glass vases. And my 5-year-old was NOT having it.

But come on! There are SO many amazing ways to add a festive touch to your holiday without being (dare I say it) boring and overly traditional?

Here are 11 totally chic ways you can decorate your home for the holidays (no tinsel or tacky light-up reindeers for the garden in sight!)

1. I'm dreaming of a NEON Christmas

With neon, let's just say that a little goes a long way. But pared with white or other neutrals, however, neon decor can totally make your festive home the talk of the town!

(Image via Vtwonen.nl)


(Image via Styleyoursenses.com)

2. All white EVERYTHING

My Scandinavian heart is beating a little faster at all this beautiful whiteness!

(Image via Franciskasvakreverden.blogspot.com)


(Image via Elisabethheier.no)

3. Rustic and Raw-some

I LOVE using elements from nature when it comes to decorating for the holidays.


(Image via homeedit.com)

(Image via NorskeInteriorblogger.com)


(Image via Trendenser.se)


(Image via Granit.se)

4. Black is festive too

Unless we are talking about the Little Black Dress, black tends to be viewed as a not particularly festive colour. Boy, are you WRONG. Just check these little decor ideas out:

(Image via Trettien.com)


(Image via Stylizimoblog.com)

5. It's beginning to look at lot like BAUBLES everywhere

Seriously; don't just keep your baubles for the tree. They look SO much cooler displayed around the house!


(Image via RealLiving.com.au)

How do YOU decorate for the holidays? Do you stick to traditional decor and colours, or are you loving mixing things up a little? What colours are you going for this year? We'd LOVE to see snaps of your festive home! Send me an e-mail at Trine.Jensen@Herfamily.ie