5 hand poured Irish candles to give you a well deserved break from Yankee 3 weeks ago

5 hand poured Irish candles to give you a well deserved break from Yankee

Fancy a new candle? Make it Irish.

Candles are a decent addition to any room, but when choosing which stunning scent to add to your home next, why not buy hand poured, buy unique, and most importantly, buy Irish?


Here are five gorgeous candles from Irish companies that would be a great shout and great addition to any home.

1. The Handmade Soap Company

If you're looking for a soy wax candle that's hand poured, 100% natural, and smells amazing, the Handmade Soap Company has got to be your first port of call.

Primarily known for their soaps, creams, and body lotions, the brand also boast a gorgeous collection of soy candles with scents you'd be hard pressed finding anywhere else. If you're looking, may we recommend the Bergamot & Eucalyptus candle - it's the best of all thing floral and spice.

The Handmade Soap Company also recently launched their new 'Anam' collection, a range of stunning essential oils, lotions, and hand washes reminiscent of long summer nights. The Anam candle is particularly special too, and with a Coriander Seed, Geranium and Vetiver scent, chances of you getting sick of it are very, very low. 

You can find out more here. Price: €35.00


2. Emma's So Naturals 

Eco-friendly, hand poured, palm-free, and totally vegan, if you're in the market for a new candle and fancy shopping local, Emma's So Naturals is the place to go.

Selling a selection of oil burners, gift boxes, single candles, and diffuser blends, Emma's has got something for everyone - and the scents to match. Her glass tumbler candles are ideal for any room in your house, and come in an array of scents including lemongrass, lavender, and masala chai.

You can find out more here. Price: €20.95.


3. Lovato Candles 

Based in Cork, Lovato Candles are candle people. Boasting a range of candles in sizes big and small, this brand pride themselves on creating their products using only the finest ingredients to make the most delightful of smells.

Their votive candles are a little on the cheaper side too, starting at just under €12.00 for a small jar that would make the perfect addition to your bedroom or bathroom.

You can find out more here. Price: €11.95.



A personal favourite here as this author has enjoyed a crackling soy candle from HOME in her bedroom for months now, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

These candles are made with soy wax in a glossy black jar with a lid and a crackling wooden wick. They're a little more pricy than other candles in this piece, but they last longer and are a perfect centre-piece in any room.


The HOME gals have got a lot of gorgeous scents on offer, but one of the most intriguing has to be their peat candle that smells like, you guessed it, peat.

Find out more here. Price: €34.50

5. Green Angel 

A natural skincare brand that prides itself in organic, home-y, Irish ingredients, Green Angel has been selling gorgeous, unique products since 2006.

Understandably, their candles are no difference - on site they've got a stunning selection of 100% soya candles made with no harsh chemicals or artificial colours. The Neroli candle, as pictured below, sounds particularly divine.

Find out more here. Price: €25.00