5 OTT puffer jackets that'll take any outfit to the next level 5 months ago

5 OTT puffer jackets that'll take any outfit to the next level

Standing out is the new going out!

When you walk out your front door you want to be seen or else there's no point, right? When it comes to dressing this upcoming season for the winter ahead just remember... big massive jackets and hoodies are what you need in your wardrobe and the bigger the better!


Most importantly you are going to need to get your hands on a puffer jacket, or "puffa jacket" as I like to call them.

Think big and think colour or metallic. These are the ones that will have peopler asking "where did you get that?!". Here are some of our favourites that you can get your hands on now and be ready for the season ahead.


Nike Metallic €109

We can't stress this enough but metallic is going to be leading the way in jacket trends this coming winter so here's a silver  Nike one that you might want to get your hands on before they're all gone.


Tommy Hilfiger €132

If you love to stand out then this Tommy Hilfiger puffer jacket from ASOS is the one for you, bright pink to make whoever you want wink! The thing about this is you can buy it in a bigger size and go all out big and bold or you can buy it fitted and make your statement wit the colour. Whatever your style is this puffer is a must have!

Juicy Couture €132

We haven't seen Juicy Couture as a trend setting label for a good few years now but maybe they've changed because this puffer jacket is one of our favourites for he season ahead, massive and bright red. This jacket will get you all the compliments when the weather gets a bit colder.


Kappa €80.99

Pink seems to be a favourite colour when it comes to puffer jackets like this Kappa padded jacket that is giving us all the vintage vibes. You won't get lost in this one!


Arket €88

If you want to go for colour but not too out there then this powder blue one from Arket might be the one for you. Big but not too big, more of a subtle option if you're not feeling up for standing out too much.