7 things that happen when you go bra shopping 5 years ago

7 things that happen when you go bra shopping

Any of these sound familiar?

Getting fitted for a bra is almost like a right of passage. You need to go at least once in your life to get measured for the correct size bra. Ideally, you would go once a year because your bra size fluctuates more than you think.


But the hassle of getting it done means that a lot of people put it off.

If you've been fitted for a bra then you'll be all too familiar with some of these scenarios.

1. The assistant doing the fitting has NO boundaries

If you want that curtain closed at all times during your fitting then you can think again. That thing is ripped open for all to see.


You barely have the clasps closed before the assistant is back shouting at you, "How are you getting on?", before flinging open the curtain to inspect for herself.

2. You will be touched A LOT

You cannot have any limits to where or how much you will be touched. Most of the time you will have the opportunity to put the bra on yourself, but sometimes they want to put it on for you and physically place each breast into the cups.

Either way, they will then proceed to push, prod and poke your boobs to make sure the bra fits you.


3. You will be mortified

At the grand old age of 30, I still CRINGE when I need to go for a bra fitting. There's something unnerving about letting someone choose your undergarments. Partially because you're standing there half naked and also because you're a grown woman letting another woman physically dress you.

4. There's a lot of pulling and dragging


Once you have been fitted with a bra the assistant will come around to test it out. They pull and drag the bra to make sure you're not going to fall out of it.

And they ALWAYS pull the back of the strap. They practically put their leg on the wall for leverage to make sure the thing is on right.

Is there really a need? It's not like we're trying to bungee jump from it.

5. They're very pass-remarkable


Whether you're big or small, they will have a comment to make. "Oh, you're a wee one you are", "I'd say you need a size up with that back." Yes, because standing here half naked isn't bad enough without remarks being made about your body.

6. They'll tell you it fits, even though it clearly does not

It's almost as if they have X-Ray vision when they tell you that the bra fits when you know it doesn't. They're practically undressing you to send you on your merry way with this new ill-fitted bra.

It's sometimes way too small and other times you could get another person in with you.

7. All the good bras are always the smaller sizes

Finding a good bra that fits right and looks good, if your cup size is bigger than the average, is IMPOSSIBLE.

It's almost as if they're punishing you for a bigger bust. You can say goodbye to that little pink one you saw on your way in because that will probably only go as far as a C cup. You're left with white, nude and black in most cases.