8 tops under €56 that are equally handy to wear to work AND a night out 3 years ago

8 tops under €56 that are equally handy to wear to work AND a night out

Versatility - sure that's what we're all about.

There's nothing and I mean, nothing worse than buying a dress or a top or a pair of trousers that's just for going out.


Like, being realistic, the chances of you wearing the same item going out numerous times is rare and so, we're all for spending our cash on pieces that can be worn in plenty of situations.

Items that can be worn to work, the club, an event, a christening, your mom's birthday, an uncle's 50th, a weekend holiday - you get our drift. Pieces that really give you value for money.

And one that we're always looking for is a new top - we seem to run out of choice every week and when it comes to that 4pm question of "pints?" It'd be nice to think that we look decent enough to hit up the pub too.

And so, I give you a selection of blouses and tops that are work approved, bar approved and price approved. All our pickings are from our new favourite online haunt - NA-KD, quite similar to ASOS but with more of a particular aesthetic throughout its pickings, NA-KD is about to become one of your new favourite places to shop, trust us.


From desk to dancefloor, here we go.

1. Boho blouse - €44.95

2. Neck knot halter - €27.95


3. Corset top - €16.95

4. Sequin blouse - €55.95


5. Pleated long sleeve top - €44.95

6. Cropped button top - €27.95


7. Pleated top - €44.95

8. Striped bell top - €33.95

You can shop all of NA-KD's collection online here.