According to Instagram users, these will be the biggest interior trends in 2021 2 years ago

According to Instagram users, these will be the biggest interior trends in 2021

Ready to give your house or apartment a bit of a refresh?

I mean; we have all spent more time inside the walls of our homes than ever before this past year, so it is no wonder that we are longing for a little change these days.


Wondering what changes to make? We love finding inspiration on Instagram, and can be found scrolling gorgeous homes for hours of end.

Right now, here are the hashtags that are trending when it comes to all things interiors – and it is easy to see why:

1. Cottagecore

Green meadows, checkered picnic blankets, faded florals and romantic countryside cottages – is it any wonder we all have been going ga-ga for the cottagecore trend the past few months? As the name would suggest, cottagecore refers to a style that embodies life in the countryside, and according to the 1.7 million hashtags it has on Instagram, it is needless to say our obsession with all things country isn't going anywhere.


The good news is that you don't have to move to a little stone cottage in the country to steal the look. Nope, all you need is to incorporate some faded floral fabrics, linens, mismatched china, maybe some rattan or dark wooden furniture, and you are there.


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2. Green kitchens


Bored to death with plain, white kitchen, we all clearly long for more colour these days. And right now, green is what we are collectively loving – at least according to Instagram. The hashtag #greenkitchen currently has 73.000 posts, and when looking at the gorgeous images, you might be tempted to get the paint brush out yourself!

3. House plants


Oh, how we love to surround ourselves with green plants these days, whether we are green-fingered or not. The hashtag #houseplants currently has 6.3 million hits on Instagram, and so it seems there is no end to our love with all things green.

Get yourself to the nearest garden centre and stock up!

4. Pink bathrooms


Yes, it sounds a little kitch, maybe, but hear us out – pink bathrooms are trending, and for good reason. Fresh, funky and far from plain, we think there is a lot to be said for adding a little colour to our bathrooms again.

If a complete reno is out of the questions, try adding pink touches in towels, shower curtains, a bath mat or storage containers.


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5. Scandi style

Sleek, simple, timeless and stylish, there is a reason the world at large has been obsessed with Scandinavian design and style for so long. And the obsession isn't going anywhere, at least not if Instagram is to be believed. The good news is that achieving the look in your own home isn't too complicated. Opt for muted, light colours, sleek furniture, minimal clutter and materials such as light wood, concrete and lots of light.


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